Yup also a scary photo from Hawaii 2001.  It is like a group of miniature people frightened by a giant watching over her beach kingdom.

Too much beer + no exercise = bad stomach occurances

This photo is proof that not everything in Hawaii is beautiful, though I'm quite proud of myself for getting this shot.

This is one of my favorite Art photos.  I took this on the island of Nantucket on the Cod.  (the Cape for those unhip).  Notice the light, shadow, color and texture of the photo - I have no idea what any of that means, but I thought this was a cool looking doorway so I snapped it.  Imagine how arty this would look if converted it to black and white!

I call this piece, "some flowers in front of the inn where we stayed on the Cod in 2004."  Sure it's a long name but descriptive none the less.

This is a shot of a parasail on one of our trips to Hawaii.  Hope you enjoy.  Hope this makes you want to buy a camera so you can come up with your own snappy names for photos.  I call this one "The Colors on a Parasail."  Now that is marketing.

I call this piece, "More Beautiful Flowers."  This is actually Kim's bouquet at the Kim and Mark Wedding Reception also on the Cod.  And you thought I only took photos of scary people in Hawaii?   Still life is also a favorite.  I may do something really original and take a picture of an apple and an orange . . . cuz you know that has never been done before.