Favorite Ice Cream:  Dippin Dots - it is truly the "ice cream of the future."

Favorite TV Show: Blacklist

Favorite Musical Artists . . . Billy Joel and the Eagles (and Carrie Underwood but that is creepy because I am old enough to be her grandfather's grandfather's grandfather).  I took Julie to see her in concert in Kansas City on May 15, 2016.

Favorite Live Concert: Brian Setzer Orchestra, Sioux City, IA 1912. (okay it was more like 1995).  That is 22 years ago.  I was semi young when I started this website and now not so much.  

Favorite Movies:  Back to the Future

Favorite Song:   Scenes from an Italian Restaurant and I Go to Extremes (both Billy Joel)

Favorite Guitar:  Gretsch 6120 (Which I don't own because I don't play well enough for the price of the guitar)

Favorite Phrase:  If you hate your job you don't strike, you go in each and everyday and do it really half assed - Homer Simpson

Second Favorite Phrase:  Anything hard is not worth doing - also Homer Simpson

Favorite Pie:  French Silk

Favorite Color:  Aviator Green

Favorite Person:  Julie

Favorite Software:  Global Air Traffic Control by Areosoft

Favorite Hobby:  Playing piano poorly and flying my DJI Phantom drone at the lake

Favorite City:  Venice, Italy

Favorite Computer Monitor Manufacturer:   I think it is Asus which I have now but I'm too lazy to go upstairs and look - but other than that is my super favorite brand

Favorite thing in the world:  When someone in large organizations mistakenly uses Reply to All.  And the very first person who replies back to all, "Please take me off your list."  Holy crap people - just don't respond!!! But I still love it when they do.

Favorite Story:  When my little 2 year-old niece introduced herself in a tumbling class by announcing, "my name is Lorelie and I pooped in the potty."  That pretty much says it.  That means I know who I am and am confident enough to tell you my biggest accomplishment today.  You only get away with that kind of bold honesty when you are 2 or 89.  Any age in between and people think you've lost it.

Favorite Semi-Dangerous Activity:  Zip Line Tours through the trees.

Favorite Car:  2002 Millenium Yellow Corvette Convertible

Favorite Cruise Ship:   Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas

Favorite Christmas Card:  Here comes Fatty with his Sack full of Crap