I'm 55 years old and married to a wonderful woman named Julie.  We have lots of toys, too many toys when I think about it.  We have a small lake cabin on a super small rural lake in northwest Missouri.  We have the obligatory pontoon boat and a great little UTV a 2008 Polaris RZR for zipping around and up to see our friends up the road.

Part of any nerd's existence is you have to have your own Website.  It was important that I got my own domain before another Tim Pfohl (yes there are some) licensed it first.  I have been contacted by a few other Tim Pfohl's and they are very nice guys so at some point maybe we need to turn this site into a resource for all Tim Pfohl's. 

I recommend everyone get your own website and register your name as the domain.   There is something easy to remember about an email address like tim@myname.com.  Plus it gives a person a chance to have other mailboxes to put down in case you have to give an address that could be vulnerable to spam.  

Interesting things about me are: I was born in Guelph Ontario Canada.  Was an on-air-radio personality in Kansas City in the early 80's and got to have dinner one time with Graham Chapman of Monty Python fame. 

Our family of three is me, Julie and our little bichon frise named Beau.  He is known at Pete and Mac's as the King of Daycare.  When we are out of town Beau stays there in his own suite with painted walls, his own couch and a TV tuned to animal planet.  He gets extra play time, daycare during the day and ice cream every night.  To say he is spoiled is an understatement.   If I came back to life I'd want to come back as Beau.  He is five years old now and just a crazy man.  Except when he is sleeping because of course he is sleeping and not awake to be actually crazy.  But he is probably dreaming of dog craziness,

I should also have a list of "turn ons" like long walks on the beach and fast cars - only I actually like sitting in my office at home playing snippets of Billy Joel songs (badly) on the digital piano.  I've got the Privia PX350 which is a great sounding thing, I just wished I played it better.  Other times I enjoy playing guitar and strumming up tunes by the Beatles and the Eagles.

Julie and I are probably seven to eight years away from retirement.  We are slowly thinking about where we would like to retire.  Julie thinks somewhere in Florida would be cool like Orlando, Miami, Tampa.  We've also talked a little about California.  If we could afford to live in San Diego that would be great.  There is also a chance we could end up in the Caribbean somewhere.  

I would also be happy as a clam in my motherland Italy.  Of course I was not born there, nor do I think I have any Italian blood in me, but it is a great country.  That and I know about 10 Italian words and phrases.  One of those phrases is when I proudly announce to the locals in their native language that, "I have clean police record."  It seems to put people at ease.  If you are going to say that - make sure you say it in their language and not your own.

I have rambled enough for now.  Just wanted to have some updated content from 2017 on the site.  Enjoy.  There are still some good old blogs on here.