Yes, hitting the YouTube wall

Well I’ve had the gear for almost a year now, I’ve watched every Casey Neistadt and Peter McKinnon and ThinkMedia posts in existence.  What I have learned is, no revelation – they are extremely great at what they do.  They deserve to be on the pinnacle of the YouTube platform.  Both have over s12 million subscribers and have been providing professional high value content for years.

It is the content of what to post that is the almost impossible to land on.  I may have some blog things to say, but in terms of telling a story, getting the B-roll and editing it that is something else entirely.  The advice from all the YouTube experts is just hit record and film something – anything to get started.  One of Casey’s saying is don’t let perfection stand in the way of good enough.

Currently in the brain – camera settings, lenses, lighting, framing, color grading, Lightroom, Photoshop, editing, transitions, sound design, location and story are one giant mash of stuff.  That is probably exactly the time to hit record for an hour and come up with something to edit.  But in the meantime . . . I’ll probably watch a few hundred more how-to videos.